8" H x 10" L x 4" W
Bronze edition of 25

Overcome. I like the dual meaning of this word: to be overcome with emotion; to overcome a problem or difficulty.

There are thousands of women in developing countries who overcome hardship everyday to provide for their children.

With each purchase of “Overcome" the selling gallery and I collaborate to donate 10 percent of the sales price to The Foundation for International Community Assistance, FINCA, which provides micro-loans ($50-$1000) to the world's poorest mothers. A micro-loan is not charity, but rather an investment in the belief that the best way to help children is to increase their mother's capacity to care for them. The recipients of FINCA micro-loans invest their loan in small businesses thus raising their household income and improving their standard of living.      

Donations to FINCA are also made with the sculptures "Elle", HOPE, Grace and One on One. Every purchase of these sculptures is an investment in  women and their children.

To find out more about FINCA go to: http://www.finca.org