I have always enjoyed watching people. Their posture and gestures give non-verbal cues about them. One can imagine what might be happening in their lives by watching how they walk, stand, hold their head and move their hands. These observations have found their way into my work.

I weld my sculptures with steel rods and sheet metal.  When a piece is completed I have a mold made and then bronze copies are created using the lost wax process.  

Over 20 years ago I welded my first female figure out of steel.  Since then it has been fascinating to explore ways to capture movement, emotion and the femininity of the female form with straight lines, angles, flat planes and texture.   I am drawn to the strength, flexibility and luster of metal. As I work, cutting, hammering and welding, the personality of the subject emerges. I strive to impart a sense of inner strength and grace in my sculptures.

I prefer ambiguity in my sculptures’ faces. I use planes and angles to portray the basic elements without individual characteristics. I hope this encourages the viewer to bring his or her experiences and interpretation to the sculpture.