Michael Jackson
27" H x 8" D x 8" W
Bronze edition of 25

I have long marveled at Michael Jackson. I think he was an amazing artist and his unique dancing was fascinating. Perhaps it was his angular moves that resonated with me. I wanted to see if my style of angles and planes might be able to capture the feeling his movement.

I worked on and off for three years on this piece, watching hours of his videos and experimenting with shapes. There were so many great dance positions from which to choose and the pause button never seemed to stop at the right second. I must have over 1,000 pictures of this piece in progress, in various poses and with different hairstyles.

Choosing the wardrobe was more difficult than I expected because it was always changing from video to video. I was challenged to create a texture that would feel shimmery like his famous jacket and glove. I also noticed that Michael didn't always wear the glove on the same hand.
The step below Micheal represents a stage and hidden beneath the base is a turntable that allows the piece to spin, giving greater access to all angles and creating a greater sense of movement.